Welcome, I'm Enrico Del Prete, founder of EG Fabbrica Italiana modelli. Company born recently, in 2022, but which boasts a very long experience in the field of model making. Passion born as a child, therefore at least 30 years ago, with the kits of famous brands, then developed in the last 10 years thanks also to the continued interest of the market towards partworks, or the collections of models that can be purchased both from newsstands or by subscription. These booklet kits, which are made for everyone from the collector to the expert modeler, have inaccuracies that make them not identical to the original models to which they refer. Hence the need to research all the differences, study their application and make the changes. Since the first modification dating back to 2014 for the LaFerrari model to get to the most recent Supercar K.I.T.T, the F40 competizione, the DeLorean of Back to the Future and all the countless other collections, the number of requests has increased so much that the in-house laboratory became too tight, moreover this passion was linked to free time, with a full-time job and a family that reclaimed their space. And so, I came to the big step of creating a larger laboratory in which i could work full time. The company is structured with the 3D printing department, the component cleaning, painting and finishing department. There is also a photographic studio to take photos of the components and kits both for marketing reasons and to create the assembly instructions.

To date, my mods and kits are shipped worldwide and new models are being studied and designed for the near future. Although the amount of work continues to increase, the imprint I have given to my company is that of offering a very personal service, in which I myself continue to design and create every single piece and the enthusiasm is the same as on the first day !

I want to emphasize that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey, undertaken thanks to the support of all the modeling friends who know me around the world, thanks to the support of my daughter and all the sleepless nights spent finding inspiration for new projects!

Thank you with all my heart to all the supporters and happy modeling to all!